Export - Import

We offer Global Trading.
  • Exporter, Importer & GLobal Trader functions.                         
  • Merchant exporter,As Agent or Representative for selling your products.
  • Merchant importer, As Agent or Representative for purchasing products for your requirements.
  • Local trading of  relevant  products.
Electrical Power Generation.
  • DG Set ,Station C&I , D.D.C / D.D.S. System, All Electrical Protection Relays / Control Panels , P.L.C System
  • Belt-Weighers, Electro Magnets, Static Weighing System, On Line Weighing System , All Mechanical & Digital gages & Transmitters.
  • Drive Controls For A.C. motor & D.C. motor with Interlocks or  P.L.C.
  • A.C. motors & D.C. motors.
  • Battery Chargers, DC power Supply & U.P.S.
  • All Electrical/electronics equipments, Accessories, Parts, instruments related to power plants.                             
Electrical Power Transmission
  • Power Transformer, Electrical Protection Relays, SCADA System, PLCC  System, Control Panels, Switch Yard & Tower Fabrication, H.T. & E.H.T. Insulator, Bushings.
  • All Type of Conductors, Earth wire & Cables for H.T. & E.H.T. Lines and Sub Stations.
  • CT, PT, CVT, PRV, Buchholz relay & earthing rods.
  • L.T. & H.T. Switch Gears / Panels, Switch Yard Cubicals, All Mechanical & Digital gages & Transmitters, Battery Chargers.
  • All Electrical and Electronics Equipments, Accessories, Parts, instruments related to Electrical Sub Station / H.T. & E.H.T. Lines.
Electrical Power Distribution
  • Distribution Transformers, Conductors, Cables, Stay wires, Earth wires, Energy Meters, Distribution Panels.
Non-Conventional Energy.
  • All Equipments, Accessories, Parts, instruments related to Solar Energy, Wind Energy & Bio Gas Energy.   
Special Dealings for customer requirements.
  • All Equipments, Accessories, Parts, instruments related to Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Instruments, Power Electronics, Automation systems & Robotics.