The biggest challenge in offering power services is ensuring a satisfactory quality of service delivery while maintaining the financial viability.

Shri Yagnik's journey in the power sector started with an engineering position in the Gujarat Electricity Board 33 years back. The journey so far has given him diverse experience with power majors. He has had to deal with public, private, multinational and Indian companies. In his long career, he describes his most exciting time when he was working in challenging environments and to head cross cultural teams.

Shri Yagnik believes it is important to constantly pursue knowledge and he tries to utilize the information he garners from various sources to reach his goals in a planned manner. In his current job, he wants to enhance project execution capability and implement a massive infrastructure development plan. 

A believer in constant self improvement, he has devised his own methodology for addressing problems. "Plan, check and act."

Narendra Yagnik (Founder)

 Mr. Virendrakumar Bhatt, CEO of the company graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Production) degree from Saurashtra University, PGDBA, PGDPE (Plastics Engineering) from CIPET, Ahmedabad, Graduate Diploma in Packaging from IIp, Mumbai where he specialized in advanced plastics and packaging technology. He has approx 18 years of techno-commercial experience in the plastics business with three countries (India, Kenya, Sri Lanka). He is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. Mr. Bhatt has received various awards including the Scientific Industries Gold Medal, All India second Rank during PGDPE, Third rank for Packaging Technology (IIP, Mumbai). 

Virendrakumar Bhatt ( C E O )