Consulting :

  • Survey, Design, specification, material requirement, Tendering, Evaluation & Acceptance of tender.
  • Monitoring of project Work.
  • Energy Audit and Saving.

Customization/ Up gradation of :      

  • Total Process control and Data Acquisition System, DDC or DDS Systems, SCADA System & PLC System,PLCC System.
  • Electrical Protection Schemes with selection of relays for, LT  To  EHV  Voltage class systems.

Power Systems and Power System Protection :
  •   Market Research and elaborate Product comparisons.
  •   Selection of Relays and Automation schemes.
  •   Designing of Protection Schemes.
  •   Pre commissioning tests for relays and entire Protection System.
  •   Commissioning support.
  •  Setting calculations.
  •   Trouble Shooting.
  •   Post fault Analysis.
  •   Load Flow & Stability Studies.
  •   Testing of Power / Instrument Transformers, Generators, Circuit Breakers.
Projects :
  • Estimate,procure,construct,testing & commissioning :- total or part as per costumer requirements.
  • Projects On Consortium base or On sub contracts.
  • Third party evaluation and monitoring of projects.

Contracts :

  • New Equipment or technical system:-Erection, commissioning & testing. 
  • Old Equipment or technical system :- Technical Up gradation, Retrofitting, Rectification & Maintenance works.
  • Testing & Condition Monitoring of Equipments.
  • Periodical maintenance of Equipments or technical systems.